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A Grateful Challenge

By CreativeWings, 20 December, 2009, No Comment

“Appreciation can make a day, even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary.” – Margaret Cousins

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and the holidays are all nearly over. As I look over the year that has just passed, I find myself feeling very thankful for so many things. It happens often at this time of year for me, and I am wondering what it would take to bring this celebration of thankfulness into my life throughout the coming year.

Many of us, myself included, already have little things that we do to remind ourselves to give thanks. For example, each morning as I get out of bed I say (out loud) “thank you” as my feet hit the floor. It is my way of reminding myself that this new day is a gift. I also keep a list of things, people and situations I am thankful for on my refrigerator door. This list varies from things like “sunshine” and “chocolate” to feelings like “joy” and “happiness” and people that I love. I feel better each time that I add a new thing to my list, and seeing it each time I enter my kitchen reminds me how very blessed I am. Yet, with both of these small things present in my life, I think there is room for more.

I think I am ready for a bigger challenge.

Tomorrow, for one full day, I am going to say thank you for every single thing that happens to me – good or bad no matter what.

Sounds impossible? I know it will be a challenge, especially when those little things that annoy me happen – like just missing the train or sitting next to someone who takes up way more than their allotted seat space. How will I handle those things? How will I find something to be thankful for in those situations? How long will it take for me to forget the goal I have set for myself? More importantly, what will I learn from trying this, and how will I feel at the end of my day? Will it, as the quote above states, “make my day or change my life”? I look forward to seeing what the day brings.