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Now what?

By CreativeWings, 19 May, 2010, No Comment

OK, so you know what you’re afraid of, now what?

Really, it’s fine for someone like me to say “just face it and move on” but how do you really do that?

I mean we’re talking about a FEAR, if you could just face it and move on, you would have, right?

When we were children, and we were certain that there was a monster in our closet or under our bed, we didn’t simply face it and move on, we yelled for our parents to come into our room, turn on the light and prove to us that we were really monster-free, safe and secure. If you’re not sure how to clear yourself of your own monsters, what do you do?

Here are 3 of my favorite questions when facing a fear.

1) Ask yourself what would be the worst thing that would happen if you did what you are afraid of. Important, list all of the possibilities and the horrible outcomes, go into everything that you could use as an excuse to keep yourself where you are.
2) Ask yourself “how realistic is it that these things might happen”? Go through the list one by one.
3) Finally, and most importantly, ask yourself “What would the benefits be of doing this?” Just like number one, list all of the things that could happen, and why that would be something you want.

Why these questions? Because, if you can show yourself how the benefits (which are usually truths) outweigh the negatives (which are usually not true), most of us are far more willing to take a chance.

Today, you have the opportunity to turn on the lights in your own room and prove to yourself that the monsters under your bed don’t exist.

What would the benefits of beginning this today be for you?