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Control Issues

By CreativeWings, 17 January, 2011, No Comment

Control is never achieved when sought after directly. It is the surprising outcome of letting go. – James Arthur Ray

What does “letting go” mean?

For me, it means letting go of my concept of how something is “supposed” to be.

It means letting go of my image of how I “should” be, how my family and friends “should” be, and how any given situation “should” turn out.

This is not an easy challenge for me. I know it’s not easy for many of us.

I, like many people, have a definite vision for how things should go. The reality is, things seldom go exactly the way I envisioned. People seldom behave and react in the way I expected.

And, do you know what? When I take the time to see things and people the way they are instead of the way my limited perception expected, it opens up possibilities and experiences I never could have imagined. Almost always, for the better.

In terms of the people around you, letting go allows you to really get to know them and appreciate them for the amazing people that they are. It takes the pressure off of them when they’re not trying to live up to your expectations of who they’re supposed to be, and you get to know them without judgment clouding your vision.
It’s a win-win situation.

You get to know them and they in turn get the opportunity to share who they really are with you.

What’s the first step in letting go?

Like so many things, the first step is realizing that there is room for improvement, and choosing to make a change.

Start right now.

In what way can you let go of your perception of control?