I Just Can’t, Can I?

By CreativeWings, 7 February, 2011, No Comment

Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do. – John Wooden

How often do you let what you can’t do, stop you from doing what you can do?

You know the feeling, you have the best of intentions to do something, and then when you stop to think about what needs to be done, suddenly, there are a hundred different reasons why you can’t, and furthermore, shouldn’t even try.

This happens for many of us even when the thing to be done is something enjoyable or even beneficial to us.

How many times has this happened to you?
Why am I writing about this? Could it be that this is something that I too struggle with? In a word, yes.

I am very good at coming up with reasons that I cannot do something.

I am working on recognizing this when it happens, and on ways that will keep me moving forward.

One of the most effective ways I have discovered is to make a list of all of the “can’t” reasons. I write down everything I can think of no matter what.
Take a moment to look at the list you have composed; is there anything that really could keep you from doing what you want to do?
How many of the things you wrote are simply untrue or ridiculous? Cross those off your list right away.
Now that you have your whittled down list, go through them item by item and decide what needs to be done to turn those “can’ts” into “cans”.

Guess what? You’ve just begun the process of not letting what you cannot do stop you from what you can do.


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