I struggled for years with the challenge of maintaining a corporate career and a desire to pursue my creative interests. Early in 2009 I started working with Cathy as I left the corporate world to write full time and pursue a new career direction. The time spent talking to Cathy is like having a personal trainer for my life – Cathy helps me focus on very tactical goals and the techniques to achieve them. Cathy brings her intelligence, honesty, life experience, coaching expertise, and most of all, her enthusiasm, support, and humor to each conversation. I end each call re-energized and clearly focused on my next steps. The time with Cathy is as important to me as exercise and eating well–life coaching is a basic part of nurturing my creative pursuits and reaching my dreams.

Wendy S.
Writer/Web Developer


Cathy helps me get and stay focused; set goals that are reasonable while being a stretch; and see challenges from different, helpful and liberating perspectives. Through our work together I am changing patterns of behavior that are unaligned with my goals, to ones that steadily advance me towards them. Cathy practices positivism, i.e., she acknowledges adversity while managing to create space for responses that mitigate its effects. All this, and she is pleasant and fun to work with – I look forward to our calls.

Victoria M.


Cathy McCullough, to put it mildly, is a great coach. She has a keen, intuitive ability to ask the right question and the right time. Those questions take you from being stuck in a corner to moving ahead at a brisk pace. Her manner is calm and understanding while her words are powerful and precise.

Cathy takes the time to fully understand your situation and can pull you from the depths of self-doubt. She enthusiastically shares your highs and reminds you to celebrate your accomplishments.

I have the pleasure of a weekly call with Cathy. I look forward to sharing with her because I know she is genuinely interested and will help me to find within myself, the answers to any issues.

Cathy is a guide, an accomplished woman and a cherished friend. She will be the same to all of her clients.

Thomas P. Callahan, SRES, CPC
Sales & Marketing Manager
Brookdale Senior Living


I feel so lucky to have had Cathy as my coach, Her thoughtful questioning and insights helped me look within and discover what I most wanted in my life and career. Her weekly sessions of support and encouragement helped me reach smaller achievable goals that together made my bigger dreams become reality.

Private Client