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What’s so great about Spring?

By CreativeWings, 24 March, 2016, No Comment
What’s so great about Spring?

Spring is a time of new beginnings. Why not make Spring resolutions a part of your life.

Spring Has Sprung

By CreativeWings, 21 March, 2011, No Comment

Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush.- Doug Larson

Spring is here!
It’s official.
We’re a quarter of the way into this year’s journey.

How are you doing?

A few months ago you may have set out some goals for where you’d like go and where you’d like this year’s journey to take you.
Are you still on course, or are have there been some detours?

This is a great time to get out your map and make adjustments where necessary. The days are longer, the weather is (getting) warmer, and you may find that you have more energy now than you did in the dark cold days of winter.

How can you use this time to propel yourself forward before the summer arrives?

What new, or revised goals would you like to set for yourself?

If you are still feeling stuck in the “rest stop” of your journey, what incentives can you give yourself to get back on the road?
Have you tried enlisting the help of friends to keep you company on your “trip”? If not, try it. Sharing your goals with friends, family or the person at the coffee shop can work wonders in keeping you on track.

Remember, this is your journey, you control where you’re going, what’s playing on the radio AND who goes with you.
Have a great trip.